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                                                   Spice Ingredients

One of the most frequent questions asked by our society, parents, teens as well as users of the drug JUST WHAT IS SPICE?

Spice is made up of many different natural herbs/ ingredients and chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids.  Many people may ask the question.  What is in spice that makes it so addicting?  The natural ingredients but more importantly the synthetic cannabinoids are what makes spice so addicting.  We Hope that this description will help you understand more about spice, and the dangerous of smoking and using this drug as well as options in choosing the most appropriate spice rehab or spice addiction treatment center.

Spice is a mixture of natural herbs, spices, as well as many addictive chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids that are very similar to that of marijuana, and function as such.  Synthetic cannabis some say is another name being used for spice because of the similarities in the chemical compounds contained in both spice and marijuana.  These compounds act in the same way THC does as well as many of the other addictive chemicals found in marijuana hence the name "SYNTHETIC CANNABIS":  Research is showing now that many more addictive chemicals are contained in the packages of spice than are listed on the label.  One of the biggest things you might notice on spice labels and packages if the big Warning that says "NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".  This is just another way to justify the selling of spice by the spice companies claiming they have fully warned individuals not to consume the drug.  We know this to be a marketing ploy that has little deterrent if any among users.

The main addictive ingredients that are contained in Spice are as follows. These ingredients are not illegal but do contain many addictive traits and features

1.        Canavalia Matitma
2.        Leonotis Leonurus
3.        Leonurus sibiricus
4.        Nelumbo Nucifera
5.        Nymphaea Caerula
6.        Pedicularis Densiflora
7.        Scutellaria Nana
8.        Zornia Latifolia

Synthetic cannabinoid ingredients - These ingredients are what makes spice addictive, and hooks users to the drug within a few times. Synthetic cannibinoids work very similar to those found in marijuana. They cause a very euphoric sense of being and allow users to feel a laid back relaxed sensation. Sometimes users report mild hallucinations from smoking spice where these ingredients are contained. The main synthetic cannabinoids that are most addicting found in spice are listed below

1.        Am-630, Am-679, Am-694, Am-1221, AM-1241, Am 2201
2.        CB-25, CB-52
3.        Cannabicylohexanol Cp47, 497 CP 47, 497 C8  CP 55,940
4.        HU-210, HU-211, HU-308, HU-331
5.        JWH-007, JWH-1018,JWH-019,JEW-073,JWH-081,JWH-122,JWH-133,JWH-200,JWH-201,JWH-203 JWH-210-JWH-250,      JWH-251, JWH-398, JWH
6.        RCS-4, RCS-8
7.        Win 48, 098, Win 55,212, Win 55,212

AM prefaced compounds are named after the Northeastern University professor Alexandros Makriyannis. CP compounds stand for Cannabicylohexanol and were developed in the late 1970's, early 1980's by Pfizer. The Hebrew University first created and investigated HU Compounds. JWH products are named after John W. Huffman from Clemson University. RCS compounds were developed in a single lab in mainland China. Sterling Winthrop developed the WIN compounds. All these synthetic cannabinoids are very similar and act in the same way as the main ingredient in marijuana THC. In summary Spice is just that basically legal marijuana sold over the counter, and on the internet. More studies are being done each day to determine the effect both short, and long term spice will have on humans, however the bottom line is that it is not safe. Please if you or a loved one is struggling with spice addiction or abuse call us now WE CAN HELP


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